Combining study, industry and new adventures

Participating in the Damen Business Course 2015 was a perfect opportunity to explore the industry during the first year of my Master Mechanical Engineering. It was a dynamic and intensive week, in which we were being challenged in different fields characteristic of Damen. We strengthened our professional skills, while getting to know the company, and focused on personal development.

After completing the first year of my master, I decided to invest an extra semester to gain more international experience. During four months I was studying electives of the Master International Business, and learning Spanish at the EAFIT University in Medellín, Colombia. Hereafter I travelled from northern Colombia to southern Chile, as I improved my language skills by communicating and staying with locals, and I explored different cultures by hitchhiking and couch surfing. I am very grateful to have met incredibly diverse and kind people and to have been part of really unique events, which all made those seven months unquestionably the most valuable experience that I have had so far…

Currently I am working on the last part of my master’s study. At the same time, I am trying to orient and prepare myself for the career life that is lying ahead. Doing a traineeship with an international company is the path I would like to take. It will be tough to decide which company would be my first choice and even tougher getting selected. Fortunately, I am always seeking to challenge myself and look forward to start this process.

Recently, the first edition of the DBC alumni event was held and it has been a great success. Catching up with and learning from others, in an informal and positive setting, is a nice way to reflect on the DBC and ourselves. Damen proved once again that the open and friendly atmosphere is characteristic for the company and it is definitely a very valuable aspect.

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