My career at Damen after DBC 2013

I first came in contact with Damen during the 2013 Damen Business Course, after which I started my graduation thesis on dynamic positioning at Damen's R&D Department. After graduating, I helped the different departments resolve various issues as part of the Development branch of the R&D Department. These issues ranged from complex questions about simulations, which could take days to answer, to shorter questions about the speed and bollard pull of tugboats. My daily tasks are quite varied, as beside my usual work, I work on projects that involve both seaway behaviour and ice interaction. In addition to my office activities, I also participate in sea trial runs several times per year (six times in the past six months alone). This part of my job is incredibly informative and exciting. It's extremely satisfying to see our initial ideas and calculations come to fruition.

Given that one of the R&D Department's core tasks is to maintain a high level of knowledge, it's important that we attend conferences and seminars. During these events, you get to meet people in your field with very different perspectives. It can be really enlightening! Networking is very important for developing certain fields.

To summarize: my current position at Damen allows me to develop on a personal and professional level, while contributing to the growth of Damen by supporting the different departments and product groups.