What about Kristel after DBC 2013?

Curious to learn more about Damen I participated in the 2013 edition of the Damen Business Course. It was a great experience with many personal stories of the people of Damen, visits to big ships of all sorts, personal development and sports sessions with Gijs, working on our cases, great dinners and drinks, etc. The whole gave me a really true and fair view of what Damen would be like as an employer. I was then also more than happy to say yes, when I was asked be part of the organisation of DBC 2015.

As member of the organization I got to shape the content of the program together with our core team and all the involved departments of Damen. It was great to experience that all employees are so proud of Damen, that they were all eager to take the opportunity to show DBC participants exactly ‘why’ they love their work.

After my role in the DBC 2015 team I started my own company with four friends from my MSc study. As a student in DBC 2015 it had been my role to add a fresh view and some student insights to the team. I figured other companies could benefit from these two things too. Stand Out Now therefore connects company experts and university students to accelerate innovation and organise next generation recruitment. In setting up my company I used a lot of the important lessons from the personal development sessions with Gijs in building our team. Also, Damen become one of the first clients of Stand Out Now!