A great opportunity to learn everything about Repair & Conversion

After the Damen Business Course 2013 I was able to do on my graduation thesis at Damen Shiprepair & Conversion in Rotterdam. For my research on the project management of large refit and conversion project I could visit several of the repair yards and get a chance to get to know the yards and their work.

During my time in Rotterdam I already got the chance to do more than my thesis alone. Running a 10-mile race with my colleagues, performing at the yearly sales event and enjoy some nice nights out with my colleagues.

After graduation I moved to France to work in the repair yard in Dunkerque throughout the week and return to Holland on the weekends! Here I am evaluating the procedures related to project management and running projects as a project manager, working for example on the yearly maintenance of three ferries of DFDS, replacement of a rudder horn and only recently a large steel damage. A great opportunity to learn everything about repairing ships, how to survive in an all-male environment and speak French, while relaxing at the beach, celebrating carnaval and enjoying the French cuisine!

I will probably stay in Dunkerque until the end of this year, so who knows where I will be and what I will do in a year, but that is exactly what I like about ship repair.

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