What’s Up Marijn?

My story at Damen started 2.5 years ago. At this time, I was still a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Twente. I was in search of an internship in the Far East and Damen Shipyards Singapore offered me this exciting opportunity overseas!

Damen Singapore has everything a Mechanical Engineer’s heart desires. You can witness the design of a vessel including basic engineering, the overall strength calculation and innovation which then further develops in the transformation from base plate to vessel in production. My assignment was to create a new cradle design (basically a framework a vessel rests on when it’s on land for maintenance or construction). The assignment helped me to understand the basics knowledge of a shipyard, while also giving me a technical challenge to shed new light on an old used principle. Although the assignment was educational, the most valuable and interesting experience from that time, was the insight I got from working in a multicultural environment.

The second time Damen crossed my path was during the Damen Business Course (DBC). The DBC started with a selection day in which I was encouraged to think about my future career path. It was a really valuable assignment because I was able to use this experience again in my past job interviews. Anyway, after the selection day I was one of the lucky few to join the DBC in 2016.

The DBC was a unique experience that encouraged me to push my personal development further. It created new insights in my future career but also exposed the Damen culture. We participated in workshops, personal development sessions, company visits and sports activities. All together it was a fun time with great people allowing me to experience the true feeling of belonging to the Damen family.

As for today, Damen still gets me hooked with all exciting projects they are working on. Currently I am an Assistant Project Manager at Damen Shipyards Gorinchem. Personally I think the key for a successful career is exciting challenges in combination with fun colleagues. Something Damen, in my experience, has abundant!