What’s up Stan?

Ships, boats and pretty much anything that floats have been a passion of mine since a very young age. This got me on board the clipper Stad Amsterdam. As a crew member of this beautiful three-mast tall ship I sailed across the globe for 1.5 years. When it was time to choose my degree, the only choice for me was to study Marine Technology at Delft University of Technology. During my bachelors, I took an interest in the more down to earth and operational side of the study and together with a friend I organized a minor about salvage & repair of ships. I really like the salvage & repair mentality, so for my Master Marine Technology I decided, again, to focus on that field of work.

When I heard of the Damen Business Course (DBC), I applied straight away and was one of the lucky ones to be selected. In advance, I suspected the DBC would provide the opportunity to get to know Damen, but of course I was especially interested in the Shiprepair division. During the Damen Business Course I ended up meeting so many enthusiastic Damen employees with a passion for the work they do, that I really got inspired for the company as a whole!

This August, I started as a General Trainee at Damen. My first rotation of the two year program is at Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding in Vlissingen. I am the Assistant of the General Manager, which means that I am suddenly involved in the managerial and commercial side of building complex vessels for the Royal Netherlands Navy. It is a rather big change from my scientific MSc graduation project at TNO, but so far it is a great opportunity to learn something new every day. I get to see a completely different side of shipbuilding than the technical side that I am used to. Such an opportunity really shows the strength of the traineeship program and the company Damen as a whole: you get the freedom as well as the responsibility to make it happen!