What’s Up Steven?

Bigger, better, faster, stronger… these were the reasons I started my Master Offshore and Dredging Engineering. There is a tremendous urge to build bigger structures in sea like for instance windmills and transformer platforms for electricity. They need to be better than ever before making them economical viable. These structures are being built in harsher environments and therefore they need to be stronger. Due to the 2020 climate agreement they also need to be build faster to meet our contractual requirements. But how to install and maintain these structures? That’s were Damen comes in! During my studies I discovered that the vessels needed for these operations are at least as interesting as the structures themselves.

When I heard of the Damen Business Course (DBC) I applied straight away! What better way is there to get to know all these different spectacular vessels. It is also a very nice opportunity to really see what the company is doing and to experience what “a day in the life” of a Damen employee means. I found it always difficult to experience that during an in-house day.

After the DBC I got the opportunity to start my graduation project in the Offshore and Specials division at the Research and Development department of Damen. I’m looking into Dynamic Positioning station keeping for the Bibby Wavemaster, Damen’s first build dedicated offshore windfarm service vessel. What they say about the family company feeling turned out to be actually true, despite the fact that there are almost 9.000 people working at Damen worldwide.