What’s up Wouter?

I got introduced to the world of boats and vessels during the impressive, roller-coaster-like Damen Business Course 2012. The international mindset of Damen while introducing the company to students continued during the internship I did afterwards. I got the chance to learn about the manufacturing process of Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) on the Galati yard in Romania. Thereafter, I performed a market research about arctic proof PSVs in eastern Canada. What I really liked about both the DBC as well as the internship, was the perfect balance between using (technical) knowledge, learning new skills, learning about the company, getting to know interesting people with many different backgrounds and last but not least: making lots of fun.

After my graduation in 2014, I needed to make the difficult choice about where to start my career. The final two options left were the Damen trainee ship and the Shell wells graduate program. I chose to start working in a discipline a bit closer to my study background and I really liked to work in the changing energy industry, so I started with Shell in the discipline Wells.

As a wellsite drilling engineer, I’m working in a 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off and 2 weeks office rotational schedule. My day to day responsibilities on the drilling rig consist of job preparations and evaluations, logistics, HSSE related tasks to make sure the jobs are done in a safe manner, and above all learn as much as I can about drilling wells. Dealing with both technical as well as human challenges makes working in an operational environment a great place for personal development. The other mayor part of my job, is following the wells training program which is an acknowledged master program in drilling engineering, including multiple technical courses and exams.

All in all I’ve seen that there are many good places to start your career. Very important I think, is to make sure to develop yourself as much as you can and make fun with the people around you.